Hello, 29.

Hello, 29.

Birthdays, the new year and moves always have a funny way of really forcing you to pause for a second and reflect on what’s currently happening in your life and more importantly, what’s next. 2017 has been a big year of reflection over here so far and with the new apartment officially checked off my to do list, it’s felt really good to take some time to slow down a bit over the past few days and start looking ahead instead of being so heads down.

Today officially marks the final year of my 20’s and honestly, I couldn’t be more excited. Your 20’s really are a crazy time in your life – to think the person I was at 21 vs. who I am today at 29 is so vastly different in every way, shape and form and I feel much more secure and ready for what’s ahead than ever before. The new year and the past few months have lit a new spark in me that I haven’t felt before and I just feel incredibly grateful for everything that’s in my life but also incredibly eager for what’s ahead. It’s a new energy where I’m ready to do it all, see it all and make the most out of every opportunity and I’m entering 29 truly feeling like this will be the best year yet.

I’m breaking tradition this year and skipping the life lessons list type post I usually do on my birthday because quite frankly, 29 things is too damn many to think about right now, but also because I’d rather focus on just one. You can consider it laziness or just having a fewer, better mentality – but either way I wanted to surface one little bit of advice that 28 has taught me: to fuck expectations (sorry for the f bomb there, but it was necessary).

Going with the flow is overrated. Doing what’s expected is rarely what’s best for you. Putting too much pressure on yourself will break you down faster than anyone else can. Don’t think about things too much – not everything has to be perfect and sometimes it’s okay to jump without really knowing where you’ll land. Things tend to fall into place on their own and with the help of a little hustle and giving yourself some space for fun, you’ll go further and ultimately be a whole lot happier if you ditch the expectations and do you.

And with that, I’m off to probably eat a few too many sweets and use my birthday as an excuse for several glasses of champagne for AT LEAST the next week. xo.