The Mask and Multitask.

There’s nothing better than taking a little time to pamper yourself but let’s be real, finding the time to create a full zen spa-like experience during the week isn’t realistic with busy schedules and day-to-day obligations. Recently I’ve started to ditch the idea that relaxing is a requirement when taking the time to take care of yourself and I’ve introduced a new ritual into my skincare routine: the mask and multitask.

The Mask and Multitask with Yes To's new sheet masks.

The mask and multitask is all about making the most of the time spent waiting for your mask to soak in and do it’s thing. Lately I’ve been thinking of that time as a little challenge to see what I can pack into a 10 minute time span – it’s always pretty impressive what you can get done when you really focus!

If you follow along on Snapchat, you know I’m all about my weekly (or multiple times per week) mask routine – masking regularly has done wonders for my skin and lately I’ve become obsessed with sheet masks because of how portable and easy they are. My skin’s needs tend to change by the day so I love being able to grab different sheet masks that can solve for whatever it needs.

The Mask and Multitask with Yes To's new sheet masks.

Yes To just expanded their line of sheet masks (I always pack their Grapefruit Pore Refining Paper Mask in my travel bag!) and they’ve now got you covered with a mask for every skin type. To test out Yes To’s new sheet masks, I recently got together with my friend Aimee for a little mask and multitask sesh – with summer’s crazy travel schedules it was so nice to have some time to catch up while brainstorming new blog ideas, browsing magazines for inspiration and treating our skin to a little TLC.

The Mask and Multitask with Yes To's new sheet masks.The Mask and Multitask with Yes To's new sheet masks.

For our afternoon of masking and multitasking, I tossed Yes To’s new mask options in my bag so we had a variety on-hand to experiment with. If you’ve ever done a sheet mask then you know the whole experience can be a bit ridiculous, so we were cracking up while wearing the masks! We started with the Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask to clean deep – charcoal is a natural detoxifier that cleanses, removes impurities and provides anti-inflammatory benefits (and Yes To has the ONLY charcoal paper mask on the market right now! You can grab it at Ulta or Target)

The Mask and Multitask with Yes To's new sheet masks.The Mask and Multitask with Yes To's new sheet masks.

After 10 minutes of detoxing with the charcoal mask, we moved on to a second mask to nourish our skin with what it needed. Flying always dries my skin out so I grabbed the Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Paper Mask to rehydrate after trips to Chicago and Seattle (bonus, it smells like the beach!). 20 minutes later and we had caught up on recent trips, brainstormed some new ideas for blog content AND had a serious glow going on thanks to the Yes To paper masks.

Anyone else hooked on masking? Yes To is running a fun mask-time contest right now – just snap a quick selfie or video and share with #YesToMaskTime and tag @YesToCarrots for a chance to win your very own masking party with your girlfriends in a hotel! So fun!

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Photos by Tory Putnam