Friday Night Skincare Favorites.

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Friday nights have become my favorite part of the week, but not quite for the same reason as they were in my early 20’s. A night out at the bar has officially been traded in for a night in of pampering, and I’ve gotta say… it’s been just what I’ve needed (and my skin agrees!). I’ve been dedicating my Friday evenings to giving my skin a little extra love. It’s the one night of the week where I give my usual evening skincare routine a little upgrade and spend the extra time with a few extra steps that leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. It’s the perfect way to kick off the weekend!

Friday Night Skincare Favorites.

Lately I’ve been loving my Friday night skincare ritual so much that I wanted to take things even further and add a few new products into the mix, so I paid a visit to my local Target to chat with the store’s Beauty Concierge. If you haven’t checked out Target’s Beauty Concierge service yet, stop. Drop everything, and go to a store that has it. Seriously. It’s like shopping with your best friend who just happens to know a ton about all of Target’s beauty products and will recommend the best of the best to you (I mean, as if you needed another reason to love shopping at Target!).

After chatting a bit and confessing my love of a little Friday night pampering, she recommended a few new products to add into the mix. A breakdown of how the new favorites have been coming into the mix:

Friday Night Skincare Favorites.

First I start by taking the day off with Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil – I apply to dry skin and massage into my face to remove all makeup, with a little extra attention given to gently rubbing it into the eye area to remove mascara and eye makeup. With a quick rinse my skin is clean, without that tight, dry feeling that can come with normal cleansers. While my face is still damp from cleansing, I exfoliate with ACURE’s Brightening Facial Scrub, working a small amount of the product into my skin using circular motions to help stimulate new cell growth and boost regeneration. With one final rinse, my skin is officially in weekend mode feeling soft and polished. To finish up the cleansing process, I apply a few drops of Pixi Glow Tonic on a cotton round to brighten up my complexion – this product has been a long-time cult favorite and only recently became available in the U.S. and I’ve gotta say, the hype is real. It’s all of the benefits of using a toner, with 5% glycolic acid to exfoliate, brighten and smoothe the skin’s tone and texture without any alcohol to dry your face out or cause irritation.

Friday Night Skincare Favorites.

Once the cleansing is complete, it’s time to slip into some comfortable pajamas and relax! This may not have been scientifically proven yet, but I swear that catching up on Netflix or magazines while wearing a mask or doing some deep moisturizing boosts product results ;) While I’m kicking back and relaxing, I start with a Yes To Grapefruit Paper Mask – it’s super simple to apply (no messy mud!) and is packed with a brightening serum featuring grapefruit extract and vitamin C, which evens skintone and hydrates. After my 10 minutes of running around looking like a crazy person masking is complete, I slather on a layer of Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask and get ready to settle in for the night – Laneige is a Korean skincare favorite with the Water Sleeping Mask being one of the brand’s most notable products and it really is amazing. It sinks in deep to recharge dehydrated skin without being the least bit oily and is gentle enough to not cause any fuss with my breakout-prone skin.

A little Friday night pampering goes a long way, just don’t blame me if you end up feeling the urge to post a #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie on Saturday morning.


Love Your Skin, Target Style

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