emotional brilliance.

I’ve been a long time LUSHie (which apparently is the official term for a fan of LUSH products) – with amazing scented products, super friendly staff AND a cruelty free brand, it’s hard not to love them.  So when I was invited to their Bucktown store for a super secret new product launch party, I immediately said YES.

{ With Jess & Jill of Style Juncture }

The Bucktown store was hoppin’ with some of Chicago’s finest media outlets and bloggers who were sipping on champagne and socializing while we had the whole LUSH store to ourselves.  I had so much fun getting hands on with all of their products and chatting with the LUSH team about the variety of uses for their products and all that goes on behind the scenes with production.  Then it was time for the big reveal – to experience the Emotional Brilliance line.

We were all taken one by one into the back room of the store (complete with TONS of candles) and sat down in front of a color wheel to get a personalized color reading – after the wheel stopped spinning, we were instructed to pick out the first three colors we were drawn to.  After picking out three, it was revealed that these colors were representative of our current state of mind.  Here were the three colors I picked and what they said about me:

{ From L to R: }

–  Greatest Strength/Weakness:  Motivation 

–  Subconscious Need:  Believe

–  Talent:  Glamorous

I’d say my color reading was pretty spot on and I ended up with three gorgeous shades of makeup.  Motivation (the peacock blue) is a sexy shade of eyeliner that is the perfect complement to a smoky eye for a night out.  Believe(coral pink) and Glamorous (bubble gum pink) have already become two of my new go to lip colors – the pigment is great and the color lasts really well.  The full Emotional Brilliance line launches in store and online on July 21 with liquid lip color, eyeliner and cream eye shadow in 30 shades priced at $22.95 each, which is a fantastic value considering the product size (8g each vs. the 2g size of most products).  I’ll definitely be checking out some other LUSH beauty products with supplementary products ranging from translucent face powder, illuminator and mascara – it’s always nice to know that a product you’re using on your skin is made with natural ingredients!

{ My go to bath products }

Are you a LUSHie?  What are your favorite products?