fall nail polish faves.

From L to R: Essie “Trophy Wife”, Revlon “Facets of Fuchsia”, Sally Hansen “Commander in Chic”, Sally Hansen “Cinna Snap”, Revlon “Emerald City” and Sally Hansen “Gilty Pleasure”

Okay, so I’ve already declared pumpkin things to be the best part about fall but I’m pretty sure dark nail polish is a close second.  All summer and spring I stick to brights and bolds – the hot pinks or turquoise – and it’s all kinds of fun but there always comes a time when I’m dying for some dark nails.
I’m pretty sure Lauren Conrad started my obsession with the short, dark manicure.  That lady was always rockin’ perfect nails on Laguna Beach and The Hills (and she was one of the first to rock the front poof – although not quite to the Snooki level).  I’ve developed quite a collection and wanted to share my current favorites and what I’ve worn so far this season.
What is your go to fall shade?  Do you go dark for nails and toes once the cool weather hits?  I’m always looking for new recommendations and would love to hear your faves!!