Making the Most of Mornings with Athleta Street Tights.

Making the Most of Mornings.

Making the Most of Mornings with Athleta Street Tights.Making the Most of Mornings with Athleta Street Tights.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve begun to really embrace my quirks and habits to learn new ways to make them work in my favor. My Type A personality traits? Really handy when I’m juggling a lot and need to stay organized. Stubborn tendencies? They can make magic happen when faced with a new challenge that seems impossible.

One of the biggest changes I’ve made over the past few years is embracing being a morning person. From tackling my most important tasks of the day first thing, to managing to seemingly squeeze a few extra hours with an early wakeup time, mornings have been critical to staying on top of my busy schedule and really optimizing my days. Lately I’ve been challenging myself to stick with a 6 AM wakeup time every day and mix it up with my morning routine to keep things fresh and fun.

Making the Most of Mornings with Athleta Street Tights. Making the Most of Mornings with Athleta Street Tights.

Every morning tends to look a bit different, but you’re likely to find me wearing a pair of Athleta Street Tights most days – they’re a serious upgrade to your standard leggings with stylish details and even a pocket that fits your phone (GAME CHANGER!). They’ve been my partner in crime for grabbing coffee at my neighborhood favorite, Sightglass, taking Callie to the park for some morning fetch or even biking around to meet girlfriends for brunch before we head into the office.

Pair ’em with a tunic sweater and ankle boots for days when you’re skipping the gym but still want to be comfy, or easily make the transition from a spin class to running your weekend errands just by ditching your sweaty shirt and throwing on a cozy jacket, Athleta’s street tights can truly do it all. And not only can they do it all, but you’ll look damn good while doing it.

Making the Most of Mornings with Athleta Street Tights. Making the Most of Mornings with Athleta Street Tights.I’ve never worn a pair of tights that are so flattering – they hold you in in just the right places with a high-rise waist and never get saggy or bunched up like other leggings I’ve tried in the past. The zipper detail at the ankle on this pair is both fashionable and functional since it not only adds some edge to your classic black legging but also comes in handy for ventilation while you get your sweat on.

How do you make the most of your mornings? Do you have any go to pieces that help make mornings easier?

This post was sponsored by Athleta and as always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own – authenticity is a top priority and I only partner with brands I truly love. Thank you for supporting the brands that partner with Pretty & Fun!

Photos by Andrea Posadas

  • Zoë Gumm

    I think you look great, especially for waking up at 6am haha! I’m also a morning person but you’re absolutely out-doing me. Loving your doggy! 💚

  • Wow, 6am — that’s awesome. I’m a morning person, too, because I like how quiet it is when it’s early. It makes it easier for me to get things done.

  • I’m trying to make the most of my mornings, too. I keep setting my alarm for 5am and have such a hard time getting up then! ugh!

  • Ashley

    I’m not a morning person, but as a mom, I force myself to be. It’s basically the worst, but having that time before anyone else is awake and the house buzzes to life it critical to my sanity…more than the snooze 120 times is. But, I do wish I looked that good in the morning. ;)

  • Amanda K

    As soon as I wake up, my feet hit the floor and I am on the go. I usually start the day off by letting my dogs out and catching up on emails.

    Amanda ||

  • I’m more of a morning person than a night owl, but I tend to get up around 7/8am. I so would love to get up earlier and start the day, but caring for a baby has left me more exhausted. I always start the day with a cup of coffee and taking care of the animals, then I have to take care of my munchkin, by the time I get to me it’s already lunch time!

  • I love to workout in the morning! So my go to pieces are my sports bra,leggings and Adidas!

  • Those bottoms are so cute! I’m a huge night owl and trying to ease myself into becoming a morning person.

  • I can definitely relate! I am also a morning person, even if I don’t really want to be lol. I love those leggings though! Might have to scoop me up a pair!

  • Patricia Conte

    I love being up in the a.m. before everyone else – I get so much done! Your pix are great, and I absolutely LOVE your brown loafers – didn’t see a link for them – what brand are they? Love!

    • They’re called Sabahs, I LOVE them! Super high quality & comfortable –

      • Patricia Conte

        Thanks for sharing. Currently obsessed :)

  • Emily Moon

    I need those nike tennis shoes.. I love the bright colors on sneakers!!

  • Carly Ned

    Those leggings are so cute! I’m definitely a morning person too.

  • I’m so not a morning person, but to be fair I do teach dance until 10 pm most nights so it’s hard to get up early the next day. Love me a good pair of leggings, I’ve never tried Athleta brand before but now I’ve gotta!

  • OMG!! I love your camouflage jacket…<3 <3

  • Kate

    I’ve been trying to take advantage of mornings lately too – makes such a difference to your day!

  • Carly Ned

    I’ve been waking up earlier this past week and love it!

  • Omg omg the pocket is life-changing! Sounds ridiculous but so helpful as I’m trying to carry less when I leave the house.