5 Ways to Get Serious About Your Health with AZO.

5 Ways to Get Serious About Your Health.

In today’s world of never ending to do lists, busy workdays, travel plans and packed calendars with social obligations, we’re often too quick to ignore our own health and wellness and put off
taking care of ourselves. From skipping doctor’s appointments to brushing it off when you’re not feeling quite right, it’s time to stop putting everything else first and get serious about your own health! A few ways to step up your self-care game:

5 Ways to Get Serious About Your Health with AZO.

1. Get Proactive About Your Health: If you’re someone who only tends to go to the doctor when something’s wrong, you’re not alone but it’s way more effective to stay ahead of your healthcare and stick to a routine to help avoid any health troubles before they start. From scheduling an annual physical and blood work, to having moles checked at your dermatologist and taking your vitamins, taking a proactive approach to your health can really go a long way to keep you healthy! Keep track of your healthcare appointments and set reminders for yourself (I try and do all of mine around the same time of the year to make it easy to remember when I need to go in again). Also consider starting a daily vitamin and supplement regimen based on your own specific needs – if you’re someone who regularly suffers from urinary tract issues, AZO has a really great Cranberry supplement that can help cleanse and protect your urinary tract (one serving equals one glass of cranberry juice!) plus it also has Probiotic and Vitamin C .

2. Don’t Forget About Mental Health: While sick days tend to be common in the workplace, mental health days are just as important. Sometimes when things feel really overwhelming, just taking some time for yourself can work wonders to help you reset and recharge. Consider asking to work from home after a grueling week in the office or leaving a few hours early to treat yourself to a massage, a long walk or just a few extra hours of lounging around your home before bed.

5 Ways to Get Serious About Your Health with AZO.

3. Eat Well: This may seem like an obvious one but I know when I get stressed or have too much on my plate, keeping up with healthy eating and grocery shopping is always one of the first things to go! What you eat has a huge impact on how you feel and while it may seem like a good idea to save time and opt for takeout instead of a home cooked meal, make sure you’re choosing something that you won’t regret or will make you feel sluggish and bloated. Recently I came up with a quick list of 5 or so meals I can make on the fly and focus on having ingredients to pull ‘em together stocked in my apartment at all times – it takes the guesswork out of having to do a lot of meal prepping and planning, yet really helps me eat healthy and give my body what it needs, even when I’m crazy busy.

4. Act Quickly If Something Seems Off: Don’t wait for any aches, pains or sickness to just go away – if you’re not feeling well or quite like yourself, do something about it. I’ve been really bad about this in the past and have let myself feel not 100% for weeks, not only making myself miserable, but small issues can very quickly escalate into something bigger that could have been easily avoided by just taking the time right away to get things checked out. For anyone who has struggled with UTI’s in the past, AZO has really great at-home test strips that are very similar to what is used by your doctor so you can catch an infection early and save yourself the pain that comes when they’re left untreated (and speaking of pain, their Urinary Pain Relief can help with pain relief in as little as 20 minutes!)

5 Ways to Get Serious About Your Health with AZO.

5. Stay Active: Make fitness a priority, even if it’s just choosing to walk to work instead of hopping in a cab. Exercise is not only a great way to stay physically healthy, but can be an amazing stress reliever as well. Taking the time to sweat it out can go a long way – try scheduling your workouts on your calendar just as you would any other event to help prioritize staying active and making it easy on yourself to find a way to fit in even a quick workout or walk.

What are some ways you take care of yourself? Any tips for remembering to stay on top of your own health & wellness?

This post was sponsored by AZO, and as always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own – thank you for supporting the brands that partner with Pretty & Fun!

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