My First Date Trick.

My First Date Trick.

This seems to be an unpopular opinion, but I love dating. Dating apps have really changed the game (for better and for worse) to make it so easy to meet new people and see what’s out there – I mean, you can swipe through guys from your couch… what’s not to love?

After getting a ton of questions over the past few months about how I’m liking the single life and what dating has been like, I decided to chat a bit about it on here and while I can’t share all of the dirt (because… Google), I did want to share a few tricks I’ve adopted to keep things easy and stress free. I know way too many girls who put so much pressure on each date and take it so personally if a guy doesn’t message back and my #1 goal so far is just to keep things fun and just go with it. You never really know when/where/how you’ll meet someone you really click with and putting yourself out there is the only way to see what happens!

One trick I’ve picked up to make first dates easy and stress free is to wear the same exact outfit every. single. time. It eliminates the frantic what am I going to wear? moment and makes getting ready a breeze. It is also not only a time saver, but a mental energy saver as well since you have one less thing to think about – in my opinion, first dates should be made as easy as possible considering there’s about a 50/50 chance you’ll like each other, so don’t think about it too much! Pick an outfit that’s classic and versatile (think something that could work for an after work happy hour, evening drinks or even weekend afternoon coffee) but most of all, makes you feel great. Stay true to your style and know you look good girl, confidence is always the best accessory.

Do you have any dating tricks of your own? What other type of dating content would you like to see around here?

  • Lauren

    I wore the same sweater on all first dates. This was back when there were no apps, had to log into okcupid. I would only do coffee or a drink for a first date, never dinner. Also always made sure a friend knew where I was going and that I’d let them know when it was over. I ended up meeting my husband on okcupid and got some good stories from my other dates.

    • Those are great tips – thanks so much for sharing!

  • Hah – i love that trick and often did the same! I had like 2-3 outfits I’d always use for a first date. The simpler the better!

    • Amazing! Great minds think alike ;)