Easy Undone Curling Wand Waves.

Easy Undone Curling Wand Waves.

When it comes to the hairstyle department, I typically have two go-to looks: beachy curling wand waves or sleek and straight. Up until a few years ago I thought I needed to hand things over to a pro to get my hair blown out in perfectly undone waves but everything changed once I discovered the curling wand – guys, it’s so easy!

Easy Undone Curling Wand Waves.

In preparation for holiday parties galore, I wanted to share my secrets to easily curling your hair into beachy waves at home with the help of a curling wand. It’ll take you under 30 minutes and last all night with the help of a few amazing products that I can’t live without lately.

Easy Undone Curling Wand Waves.

T3 sent me their Whirl Trio interchangable curling wand a few months ago and it’s SO GOOD. I love being able to have only one curling wand in my drawer but have the ability to go with the 1″ barrel for wider, loose curls (like I’m rocking here) or switch to a more narrow barrel for ringlets. It heats up super quickly and evenly so you’re able to lock in your curls with just one pass of the wand. It has 5 heat settings and is made of ceramic so your hair is shiny and smooth without any serious heat damage. And for those of us who have felt the panic of thinking you left your curling wand on at home… it has an auto-off feature after 1 hour so you can be worry free.

Easy Undone Curling Wand Waves.

Out of the shower I apply R+Co’s High Dive moisture & shine creme to towel dried hair to help my hair stay smooth when styling it – my usual routine is to shower in the evening and let my hair dry overnight, then style in the morning so I can skip the blowdryer and save my hair the extra step with heat. In the morning I do a quick spray of R+Co’s Grid structural hairspray to add some texture and help the curls hold after just one twirl around the curling wand.

Easy Undone Curling Wand Waves.

Using a hair clip, divide your hair into sections so you’re able to tackle each individual layer – starting with the bottom layer closest to your neck, wrap 2″ sections around the curling wand, twisting away from your face and hold the wand in place for about 5 seconds before gently unwinding and letting curls fall. Repeat until the entire layer has been curled and spray with hairspray before repeating with each layer.

Easy Undone Curling Wand Waves.

Once all layers have been curled, rub a small pump of R+Co Tinsel smoothing oil through hair, combing fingers through hair to break up curls a bit and smooth out any frizz or fly aways. Finish up with one more quick light spritz of hairspray and you’re good to go!

Easy Undone Curling Wand Waves.

Photos by Andrea Posadas

  • Elizabeth Dickerson

    Thanks for sharing your technique! You make it look so easy!

    Elizabeth | fromskinny2strong.com

  • Very pretty, they look sort of undone but like you made a casual effort which is the look I try to go for when I curl my hair!


  • Lottie Moor

    I love your hair in this post, that curling iron looks exactly what I am after for Christmas! I might casually send this blog link over to my other half….

    Lottie xx

  • Girl, your make it look so easy! I’m excited to give it a go, I guess practice makes perfect. I usually end up spending too much time on my hair. You have it down and look stunning!

  • Your hair looks fab! Thanks for sharing your tools and products!


    Lee Anne


  • Syama Nair

    Thanks for the tips !! Envy your hair

  • kp

    These curls look gorgeous!! I don’t curl my hair with my wand often enough. I usually do it with my straightener, but then when I switch it up and use my wand, the curls are so much more full and last much longer. I’m in the market for a new wand and this one looks fabulous!

  • Hi Cait!

    I love your blog and Instagram! I am a fellow SF blogger as well, I hope to meet you at an event someday :)

    xo Gennifer

  • Your hair looks wonderful! I totally rarely do my hair but that has got to change.

  • This is such a pretty, simple look- I love it! Beautiful curls!

  • seriously love the design on the R&Co wand and your waves look amazing!

  • I love this easy look! So not fussy and gorgeous.

  • Tram-Anh Poprik

    Love this look and the iron looks awesome. Love the multiple barrel options. I may have to put this on my Christmas list!