Are You Plant Crazy?

Anyone Else Plant Crazy?

I don’t quite know how or when it happened, but my apartment is overflowing with plants and I can’t stop buying more! I’m hooked on the greenery look and have been loving how much plants can add to a space – from leafy palms to cacti and succulents, they’re the perfect touch for any room in your home.

Are You Plant Crazy?

Recently I found out about Leon & George, a really cool San Francisco company that sells amazing plants AND delivers them, in a pot, right to your apartment. How brilliant?! After murdering my fiddle leaf fig in my last apartment, I was a bit scared to add another giant plant to the mix but they gifted me one of their gorgeous Bird of Paradise plants and I am smitten and best of all, the thing is pretty darn easy (so far, so good!). But that’s not all… I’m now also the proud owner of a gigantic cactus that I found on CraigsList, yes CraigsList. Who even buys plants on CraigsList?! And there’s no sign of stopping as I’m already dreaming and scheming plans for a few more plant babies to add to my apartment as I finalize up decorating.

Are You Plant Crazy?

Knock on wood but they all seem to be pretty happy at the moment. After a series of plant mishaps over the years (including many succulent deaths), I’ve learned that the secret to happy plants is routine. Keeping ’em all on a regular watering schedule and adding a reoccurring reminder to my calendar has been keeping things green around here, while I’ve also been working on watering my cacti and succulents less. I swear the plants are more work than Callie sometimes!

Are You Plant Crazy?

Anyone else plant crazy at the moment? What are some of your favorite plants or places for plants in your home? Anyone out there with a green thumb have some advice for me?

Images from the Jungalow

  • Beautiful! I adore indoor plants; they really do add so much to the space! I love the crisp look of your space!

  • Stefanie Stiller

    This is beautiful! Unfortunately I don´t have green thumb at all….

  • Gillian Kent

    You have inspired me to try to grow something other than orchids. Orchids seem to be the only plants I can grow indoors.

  • Julia Dent

    Your plants are so pretty!! I have quite a few in my apartment, but I need more space to get some more!

  • Sarah Kuziomko

    I am SO plant crazy. Unfortunately I have a black thumb but trying to change it into green!

  • Kimberly

    I’m definitely plant crazy! I’m terrible with them though so I feel horrible, but I keep trying. I gave up on normal plants and have opted to just have succulents which can withstand my forgetfulness.

  • I wish I could be plant crazy! I have a major black thumb and we have way too many pets to keep away from our plants. I’d love to have a fiddle leaf fig. They are so neat!

  • Amanda | Maple Alps

    I’m totally loving on plants right ow too! My family is growing quickly and I love them all!

  • Marlene

    I want to be plant crazy but it seem that the only plant that i can get to grow inside is lucky bamboo. Out side my garden is on point, but inside my garden is sad

  • Hannah Palamara

    I love all of these! I wish I was better at keeping them alive :/

  • I do love houseplants. You’ve got a beautiful collection.

  • Lori Hill-Smith

    Oh your plants are so beautiful! I love houseplants but yours are much lovelier than mine.

  • Gina Ritchie

    I love it. I am plant crazy but about perennials. I have a green thumb when it comes to getting things to grow outdoors but somehow kill all my indoor plants.