How To Stay Organized When Traveling.

How To Stay Organized When Traveling.

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How To Stay Organized When Traveling.

Everyone seems to be all about the jet-setting lifestyle right now (myself included) and with an always growing list of places I’d love to travel to one day, I figured it was finally time to get organized to help me pack like a pro. After traveling with friends recently I’ve observed that there are two types of travelers: a group that’s all about planning and list making, and one that likes to keep things spontaneous, from the booking to packing.

I definitely fall on the planner end of the spectrum, which is likely no surprise if you’ve been reading the blog for awhile or have met me in real life ;) I like my trips booked far in advance and plan out not only a packing list but also my outfit options so I don’t forget anything and can easily know what options I have to wear throughout my trip. This planning mentality has come in handy over the years as I’ve evolved from an overpacker to an efficient one. However, during my recent trip to Colombia, I realized I could make travel prep even easier with my handy Brother P-Touch D210 label maker. I use it for everything from file labeling to keeping tabs on my containers when I bring lunch to the office – but for travel prep, it’s a must-have!

How To Stay Organized When Traveling.

My first order of business? My toiletries. During my trip to Cartagena I had a few leaks within my toiletries bag, which luckily didn’t spread too far but was a pain to deal with when we arrived. On top of that I also somehow forgot sunscreen, which meant I had to find a drugstore and buy a full sized bottle that I had to then leave at our room because it was over 3 oz. and wouldn’t be allowed in my carry on bag. To avoid leaks and forgotten items for upcoming trips I decided to revamp my toiletries kit by grabbing a set of leak-proof bottles and creating a little stash of my staple products so I can just grab the bag and go for my next trip. To easily keep track of everything, I created simple labels using the – the water resistant tape means I don’t have to worry about getting the bottles wet and the adjustable font sizes meant that I could easily add alabel to every item in my toiletries bag, from shampoo to medications. I chose to keep my labels simple for travel, but for other creative projects, I plan to personalize my labels with the choice of 14 fonts, 97 frames and over 600 fun symbols available on the P-touch.

While I was on my labeling spree I also added my name to all of the electronics and chargers that I usually bring with me– I’ve realized that everyone travels with the same chargers and devices these days so alabel could go a long way to keep track of what’s mine vs. some else’s when going through security or traveling with a group of people.

Finally, I grabbed two clear pouches that I can easily toss into my purse to avoid having a mess of paperwork and documents during trips. The first larger pouch is aimed for international trips to keep my passport, trip itinerary and key addresses, outlet converters and any exchanged currency all in one place (I’m also thinking about creating a cheat sheet of common terms/words in any foreign language – I’ve relied on translation apps in the past but you never know what cell service will be like when you need to communicate!). A second smaller pouch is the perfect spot to stash receipts for tracking expenses when traveling with friends or for keeping tabs on your souvenir spending for when it comes time to go through customs.

Now that I’m all organized thanks to a little help from my Brother P-touch D210 label maker, I’m itching for another trip! Do you have any upcoming travels planned? What are some of your tips for staying organized when traveling? To purchase the P-touch D210, visit Amazon.

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  • Shell Peterson

    Oh this is brilliant! I have a few trips this summer and we have a two year old, so this system will help make our trips easier!
    xo, Shell

  • Jean Lane

    Gosh I wish I was just an ounce as organized as you! I just chuck everything in my bag the night before and roll haha

  • Diana

    I wish I had thought of using clear pouches! That’s a great idea, so you can see what’s in them and stay organized!

  • Whitney Bond

    I need one of those label makers! I’m super organized when it comes to travel too, but usually just put a hand written label on my bottles, which eventually fade and then I don’t know if I’m using face wash or shampoo, haha!

  • Nicola @ Happy Healthy Motivat

    I LOVE how organised you are! I’ve got a label maker but I’ve never actually used it. I think that’s all going to change now!

  • Thewifeslife1

    Great tips as it can be hard to stay organized while traveling. The label maker looks perfect. I would totally use it all the time.

  • Violet Papenbrok

    Can I ask where you got the set of leack-proof bottles?

  • Love all the little bottles with the labels!

  • Danielle Davidson

    Love the bottles and labels. I think that is a really good idea!

  • Dzeneta Cavcic

    Some great ideas here! I do this as well :)

  • I’m actually traveling next and started packing yesterday. While I was packing, I labelled all my little bottles and thought I was being OCD for doing that! Good to know I’m normal haha.

  • I love the idea of labeling toiletries! While I’m usually super meticulous about planning trips, I tend to just shove all of my toiletries in a bag – which means it’s super hard to find what I need when I get to my destination!

  • Love the idea of taking tiny bottles labeled accordingly. I’m a minimalist when it comes to travel!

  • Genie Patra

    definitely going out and buying a label maker now. way better than writing on paper and then taping it to bottles haha

  • Emily Bendler

    I have a Brother labeler, but never thought of using it for travel. Great tips!!

  • Lacee

    This is such a great post! Labeling the chargers is a great idea. :)

  • Pam Dollesin

    Clear pouches is indeed a great idea, plus labelling saves time and confusion that is! Thanks for the tips!

    Pammy –

  • I LOVE the clear pouches! That is such a great idea for my purse! And, you had me at label maker. My dream organizational tool.

  • What a great way to stay organized! Those clear pouches are such a wonderful idea.

  • omg this is amazing! I don’t know if I would ever get myself this organized but talk about goals. I hate having to bring an entire tube/bottle of things with me when traveling when I don’t need to!

  • I love these tips! My sanity depends on being organized haha! I’ve been wanting to get a p-touch too!

  • Wow, I need to get on your level! My organization just does not compare. Haha. Love it! :]


  • I need that labeler. I will label everything!

  • Oh man I need a labeler. Haha I would literally label everything I could! Great way to stay organized though!

  • Loving the label maker! I would probably label everything I own. Even the things I don’t bring outside the house haha :)

  • LOVE a label maker! Not just for travel but for keeping my pantry and closet organized as well.

  • While I don’t have this particular label maker, I absolutely love having one! They are surprisingly so useful! I bought it to make labels for file boxes and whatnot, but I seem to use it for everything.

  • Oyinkan Ogunleye

    I really need to get those little containers! Theyre so necessary for the 3 oz rule!