A Roadtrip to Napa & Sonoma with Enterprise CarShare.

Roadtrip to Wine Country.

Living in California has its fair share of perks, one of the best being how many amazing things are just a day trip away from the hustle of city living in San Francisco. I’ve been making a big effort this year to ditch my never ending to do list and explore more, to take a break from the day-to-day routine, and take better advantage of everything that is only a short drive away.

A Roadtrip to Wine Country, California with Enterprise CarShare.

Since I haven’t owned a car almost five years, Enterprise CarShare has been crucial in making this goal of mine happen – from my mid-week escapes down to the barn for riding lessons, to weekend road trips, it’s been amazing to have easy access to rental cars all over the city. It basically allows me to have the perks of having my own car without any of the hassle (and expenses!) and has been what I’ve used for everything from running errands and grocery shopping, to picking friends up at the airport over the years and most recently, soak up some sunshine in wine country.

Although I’ve been out in San Francisco for just over two years now, I realized that I could count the number of times I’ve been up to Napa and Sonoma on one hand which is a bit embarrassing considering what an easy drive it is from the city and just how stunning of an area it is. So last weekend I picked up my favorite Enterprise CarShare car in my neighborhood (a cute white Prius) and headed over the Golden Gate Bridge for the day. The weather was absolutely perfect and it was amazing to have a day to drive around and explore the area without any set agenda.

A Roadtrip to Wine Country, California with Enterprise CarShare // Healdsburg SHED. A Roadtrip to Wine Country, California with Enterprise CarShare // Healdsburg SHED.

Our first stop was at Healdsburg SHED – I had heard SO much about the stunning space and amazing food from friends and co-workers and it did not disappoint. From the bright light and decor, to the curated selection of kitchen and housewares; SHED was heavenly and having a late brunch on their riverside patio was the perfect way to start the day.

A Roadtrip to Wine Country, California with Enterprise CarShare // Healdsburg SHED. A Roadtrip to Wine Country, California with Enterprise CarShare // Saintsbury Winery.

After grabbing a coffee and a bite to eat, we headed south to Napa to pick up my wine shipment at Saintsbury Winery – their Pinot Noir is my favorite and I finally bit the bullet and joined their wine club when visiting in the fall for a tasting and while the wine is great, it’s also given me the perfect excuse to visit Napa at least once a quarter ;)

A Roadtrip to Wine Country, California with Enterprise CarShare // The Fremont Diner A Roadtrip to Wine Country, California with Enterprise CarShare // The Fremont Diner

Finally we made a stop at The Fremont Diner, a place I had been dying to eat at ever since spotting photos of their menu and drool-worthy fried chicken on Instagram. Guys… it was SO GOOD. Everything from the mac and cheese to both sandwiches we tried (Fried Chicken + Pastrami) were incredible and we left very full and already planning another trip back.

A Roadtrip to Wine Country, California with Enterprise CarShare // The Fremont Diner

The drive home to San Francisco was one of those dreamy road trip moments where everything just seems perfect. Windows were down, my favorite music was playing and the sky was cotton candy pink at sunset. Even after living on the west coast for a few years now I still have to pinch myself sometimes that I’m lucky enough to live in such a gorgeous place with so many incredible things to explore (with a little help from Enterprise CarShare of course ;))

Have you been up to Napa or Sonoma? What are some of your favorite spots in wine country? If you haven’t checked out Enterprise CarShare yet, you can use code BLOG17 for free membership for a year + $20 in driving credits!

  • love the billboard at the top and i would enjoy wine over a pony any day. wine country is so beautiful and relaxing, it’s a fun place to visit!

    • It’s amazing! Feeling so lucky to live so close now.

  • Brittany Williams

    This sounds so fun! I love the wine country and I have never heard of Enterprise CarShare so good to know thank you! Looks like the food and drinks were great on your adventure too!

    • I’m obsessed with Enterprise CarShare – I’ve used them for 5 years now!

  • Looks so amazing – especially all of the delicious food! We just left San Francisco and I wish we had taken a drive out to Napa but it was such a short trip and we had so much to do — maybe next time!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

    • Sounds like you’ll have to come back soon ;)

  • I haven’t been to both but have always wanted to go to Napa! Looks like you had a fun day!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  • Oh, wow–the food you had looks amazing! I’ve been to California (a LOOONG time ago) but I’ve never made it to Napa. I’m going to have to remember that for our next trip out west!

    • Definitely sounds like you need another trip out west, Natalie!

  • I’m about to go to Napa/Sonoma for the first time (crazy since I lived in the Bay Area my whole life lol)! We’re staying in Healdsburg so I will definitely put Shed on our itinerary! :)

    • Hope you had so much fun! Did you love SHED?!

  • Beautiful photos, and that first one? It has me totally cracking up. The food you had looks scrumptious, makes me want to put Napa on my bucket list.

    • I know! I immediately pulled the car over to snap a photo – too funny

  • This looks glorious! I have been on a wine tour but it was quite basic. I would love to do this :D I havent been to the US yet, but have to remember to check out Napa when I go there :D Thank you for sharing your experience :D

  • I’m more of a beer drinking than a wine drinking but THOSE RESTAURANTS look TOOOOO DIE FOR. how cute are these diners?!
    We used to go up to the Bay when we lived in Vegas almost every month, now that we’re living on the East Coast we miss it so much. The next time we’re on the west coast, we’re totally going to have to go back and go to the shed.

    • So yummy! Sounds like you need to come back soon and eat all of the food ;)

  • Riely Mills

    I have yet to visit Napa or Sonoma, but have been wanting to for so long! I will need to take a road trip from Vancouver. And the restaurants you stopped at looks incredible not to mention the food!

  • Cheryl Lang

    This is one of my dream trips! At first I only thought of visiting the wineries, but now I see I will also have to eat my way from Napa to Sonoma!

  • Joscelyn | Wifemamafoodie

    Ah, these places are on my bucket list! I haven’t made it out to CA yet, but hope to by the end of the year!!

    • You’ll love it, Joscelyn.

  • Wow, this looks amazing. I bet you had a really great time! This is definitely on my bucket list.

  • Dia

    I never understand why some wine tours don’t feed you. it’s like if you feed me my day will be better tomorrow and I’m more likely to come back. Looks like a great trip, we have some amazing wineries outside of San Antonio but I need to make a trip to Napa.

  • Alexander Todorov

    Awesome pictures, did enjoy the car? :)
    SeekAndRead | SeekAndRead | Family Lifestyle