On Our Radar // 04.15.17

On Our Radar.

Saturdayyyyy 🙌🏻 This week was one of those crazy weeks leading up to vacation where you realize exactly how much work has piled up and it feels like everything is hitting you all at once. Plus mercury is in retrograde (which I’m obviously blaming everything on) and I just feel like hiding under the covers until it’s time to leave for Cartagena on Wednesday night.

While there’s lots of work to be done this weekend and I have officially reached the end of my procrastination for getting my taxes done, I’m looking forward to sneaking in a little bit of fun – today is Callie’s 8th birthday so we’ll be getting in a trip to the beach tomorrow and I’ll be squeezing in a mani/pedi to prep for our trip.

Regardless of what your weekend holds (I hope it’s more fun than mine!), we wanted to share a few things that were On Our Radar this week from around the web:

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Have an amazing weekend!