The Ultimate Winter Dress.

One of the best things about moving is you inevitably end up rediscovering pieces in your wardrobe while you’re in the process of packing and unpacking. It becomes a rare moment where you actually have to see, and touch, every item you own, making it the perfect time to not only purge what hasn’t been worn in ages, but also create a little checklist of items you’re missing or improvements you’d like to make to your own personal style.

The Ultimate Winter Dress.

During my packing and unpacking adventures, I discovered a few things – #1: I need to stop buying t-shirts (I swear, I own 100 of those damn things), #2: I also own more pairs of pants than a normal person needs and #3: I have a serious lack of everyday dresses and skirts in the mix.

The Ultimate Winter Dress.

In my day to day dressing I often forget about dresses, reserving them for formal occasions or big nights out but this Madewell V-Neck dress is the ultimate winter dress. From a day at the office to going out on a Tinder date (guilty), it just works and makes you feel like a million bucks in the process because of its flattering cut.

The Ultimate Winter Dress.

With the chilly, grey weather we’ve been having I’ve been pairing it with a black tights for some extra warm and wearing my beloved (and well worn, which I realized only when we started shooting!) Billie boots with a leather jacket layered over. It requires zero effort thanks to the wonderfulness that is neutral colors and just looks way more pulled together than my usual everyday jeans + sweater combination.

The Ultimate Winter Dress.

And best of all? The dress is on sale for $50 right now (that’s like 60% off the original price!) AND in stock in a bunch of sizes which means you need to run, not walk, over to Madewell and grab it for yourself. And psssst… My boots are also on sale right now!

You’ll thank me later.

Photos by Tory Putnam

  • Super cute! Love the texture and the silhouette (and the price, duh!).


  • Brigette Collins

    So cute! This dress looks really comfortable. Plus I love that grey!

  • Lisa Elaine

    I love the simplicity of this dress. You could wear it casual or totally rock some colorful jewelry with it!

  • Lanae Bond

    Your dress is a perfect for winter! I love how you can style it so many ways.

  • Wife Sense

    Simple and classic dress. For $50?! That’s a deal.

  • what a great staple for winter, it goes with everything!

  • Gillian Kent

    Very feminine and versatile.

  • Oyinkan Ogunleye

    A simple long sleeve dress is always perfect for Winter! Can’t wait for Spring! :-)