Shops You Should Know // V47.

Shops You Should Know // V47.

Shops You Should Know is a monthly feature that highlights five of my favorite Etsy shops – it’s my way to show off some recent finds and support the small business community on Etsy. See something you love? Have a favorite shop you’d like to share? Let me know!

Shops You Should Know // V47.

Glittery Moon  Vintage

Shops You Should Know // V47.

Obvious State

Shops You Should Know // V47.

Evy Joy & Co.

Shops You Should Know // V47.

C. Alexandrea

Shops You Should Know // V47.

The Wōv

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  • Oh my gosh, I love the Obvious State shop! They have so many cute prints and mugs. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jessica

    OMG I LOVE all of these shops! I am going to scope them all out right now and pick some of my favorite items.
    xo Jessica

  • These shops are gorgeous! Obvious State is totally my style. I’m definitely going to browse through.

  • I need to check out Eve Joy & Co!! I am so addicted to jewellery lately, its crazy!

  • I love discovering new Etsy shops. Glittery Moon Village is amazing – I love everything they sell!

  • stephanieabills

    Annnndddd there goes my paycheck!! Thank you for sharing these great shops! Everything looks great.

  • Ashleigh

    I have always loved shopping on Etsy! These shops look amazing, thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to have a look!

  • I’ve recently been infatuated with Etsy! They seem to have everything and I feel really good shopping small. All 5 of these shops are calling my name!

  • I love Etsy! I always shop from there, and I even have my own Etsy shop for flatlay photos.