My 5 Travel Beauty Essentials.

5 Travel Beauty Essentials.

My 5 Travel Beauty Essentials.

During my trip to Scandinavia I was embarrassingly stopped at security on my way out of Copenhagen for having way too many liquids in my carry on (but all under 3 oz! It was confusing). While I tried to explain myself out of the situation in a desperate attempt to avoid having to check my bag or throw away any products, I may have uttered “I’m American! I have a very involved skincare routine!” which did me no good and caused me to immediately reevaluate what products made the cut for travel moving forward to avoid any further security commotion. With my trip to Tulum coming up I’ve done some serious simplifying and wanted to share my top 5 products that I never travel without:

My 5 Travel Beauty Essentials.

1. Dove Advanced Care Deodorant: I’m one of those people who sweats all the time (gross, I know) and with the unpredictable temperatures and stress of travel, a good deodorant is a must. I recently made the switch to Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant and it’s been a game changer for keeping me dry with 48 hour protection, while also having the skincare benefits of Dove ¼ moisturizers and NutriumMoisture (my favorite body wash!) for softer, smoother underarms. I’m also all about coconut scented anything so I love the light coconut smell which will be right at home at the beach in Tulum.

2. Facial Cleansing Wipes: Eva Chen once mentioned that she never flies wearing makeup and I immediately followed suit and stash a pack of facial cleansing wipes in my purse to take my makeup off pre-flight and give my skin some time to breathe. I love any gentle cleansing wipe that I can use on both my face and eyes and typically will use 2 wipes to get everything off and leave my face super clean, and then follow up with another quick wipe after landing on long flights or redeyes.

My 5 Travel Beauty Essentials.

3. Hydrating Night Moisturizer + Eye Cream: Day or night, flying is always super drying on your skin so I like to apply a hydrating night moisturizer and eye cream after removing my makeup to give a nice dose of moisture while I’m stuck in the dry airplane air (and don’t forget to drink tons of water too!).

4. Calming Sheet Masks: I love my masking routine and sheet masks are the absolute easiest to pack and bring along with you on a trip. I’ll typically do a calming mask right after my flight as I’m getting settled in at my hotel and then follow up with a moisturizing mask the night before my flight home to help prep my skin for the plane.

My 5 Travel Beauty Essentials.

5. Lip Balm: Have I talked enough about hydration yet?! I can’t go anywhere without lip balm and I’ve taken to stashing a tube in every purse I own (and an extra in my makeup bag) since they get lost so easily. After getting settled in on the plane I always apply a generous coat before settling in to either GSD or catch some sleep during the flight and lately I’ve been gravitating toward multi-purpose salves that are also great on cuticles as well.

What are some of your travel beauty essentials?

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  • I love dove deodorant. The only thing I can use!

  • I’m sorry but that is too funny; getting in trouble for too many liquids! I can’t believe that’s a thing. I started carrying facial wipes on my trips too just because it’s less messy than liquid soaps or a bar and it’s speeds up my makeup routine. Will check out the dove deodorant, I think my daughter will like it.

  • I would probably get questioned about having too many liquids too! lol. I love taking sheet masks with me too, they are so great to have!

  • Brittany Strawbridge

    Yes! Great list! The cleansing wipes are a MUST for sure! I have never tried sheet masks but I am so intrigued! Definitely going to look into this! Thanks for sharing!

  • I love using a facial wipe right after I get off a flight. I’ve heard good things about applying a super hydrating cream before flights, too. I’ll have to try that!

  • Veronika

    I have so much respect for people who do sheet masks on the plane lol. I bet thats so relaxing!

  • Yes to all of these! I’m always so curious to know what people’s *must-haves* for flights/traveling are because as someone who spends a good portion of their time traveling I love getting new ideas and finding better products!

  • stephanieabills

    I love traveling with a sheet mask! It’s a great way to unwind after dealing with the airport!

  • Yes! To all! The mask is such a good idea!!

  • Love Dove products! they never let me down!

  • Similar except the mask. Sunscreen, lip balm, cleansing wipes, lotion and facial moisturizers are always present on my travel kits. :-)

    Joy |

  • You’re only allowed to carry 10 x 100 ml with you, in a small plastic bag AND the individual amount needs to be written on each bottle etc ;)