10 Conversation Starting Coffee Table Books.

15 Conversation Starting Coffee Table Books.

I love a good coffee table book – the kind that just invites you to take a peek and instantly captures your attention and either teaches you something or inspires you a bit. Over the years of many apartment moves (with a few cross country moves in there as well), I’ve always held onto my book collection, regardless of how heavy the boxes may be because of the character they instantly add to any space. In my apartments you’ll always find books stashed all around because of their balance of fashion and function, with coffee table books being some of my favorites to display.

A stack of books on an entryway table or a few on your coffee table will instantly make any space feel more polished and always seem to provide fun banter when entertaining. A few of my favorites to spark conversation and proudly display:

Humans of New York // Advice From My Eighty Year Old Self // The Dogist
// Living With Pattern // PostSecret // Beaches // In The Company of Women //
Styled // Vanity Fair Portraits // Paris in Color //
Pop Art // Bad Girls Throughout History // The Book of Everything
// 36 Hours // Los Angeles 

What are some of your favorite coffee table books?

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