Bold & Bright DIY Ornaments Inspired by IZZE Sparkling Juice.

Bold & Bright DIY Ornaments.

When it comes to the holidays, the more color the better in my mind! Growing up we were never that family with a fancy themed Christmas tree – it was always a hodgepodge of ornaments, all with a special memory or story behind them which made decorating the tree so much fun every year. As an adult, I’ve carried the tradition of keeping Christmas bright and colorful and inspired by IZZE Sparkling Juice cans, I wanted to spread the bold & bright holiday spirit around with a few DIY ornaments to gift to friends and family.

Bold & Bright DIY Ornaments Inspired by IZZE Sparkling Juice.

I like to keep things simple in the DIY department, especially around the holidays so these are all easy to whip up in a few hours and only require a few supplies (win!) and basically zero crafting skills (double win!). If you’re still stumped on what to gift extended family or co-workers, a cute DIY ornament for their tree is the perfect idea since it’s unique and personal but won’t break the bank or take you a ton of time.

Three ideas to give clear glass ornaments a bold & bright makeover:

Bold & Bright DIY Ornaments Inspired by IZZE Sparkling Juice.

Confetti Filled Ornaments: This one’s as easy as it gets and actually is my favorite of the bunch – grab any small confetti (I used this!) and fill the inside of the ornaments with an ample amount using either a small funnel, or just your hands. Leave enough room for the confetti to move around a bit when shaken and voila — an instant party for their Christmas tree!

Bold & Bright DIY Ornaments Inspired by IZZE Sparkling Juice.

Glitter Ornaments: I made a set of these almost ten years ago and they still make it onto my tree each year – the sparkle always looks so pretty with the Christmas lights. Using a foam brush and tacky glue, coat the exterior of the glass ornament evenly and top with glitter, shaking off excess (I like to do this over a paper plate so you can easily funnel extra glitter back into the bottle when you’re done). Martha Stewart makes THE BEST glitter in the prettiest colors so you can customize your glitter picks for each recipient. Let ornaments dry and top with a coat of gloss Mod Podge to seal the glitter and minimize mess.

Bold & Bright DIY Ornaments Inspired by IZZE Sparkling Juice.

Paint Swirl Ornaments: Pour a few drops of acrylic paint inside the ornament, starting with one color at a time and swirl around until you’ve created a desired pattern. Repeat with other complimentary colors until the entire ornament has been covered and let dry facing downward, using a plastic cup to allow excess paint to drain out.

Bold & Bright DIY Ornaments Inspired by IZZE Sparkling Juice.

Do you stick to red & green during the holidays or get colorful? Have you made any DIY ornaments this year?

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Photos by Andrea Posadas

  • Candy Kage

    Love making homemade ornaments and especially if they hold up over time. Those drinks look pretty good.

  • Samantha

    I love these! They are so cute and fun – they would even transition well to NYE decor!

  • My Silly Monkey

    Great DIY on ornaments! I actually can do the glitter one with my toddler. Thanks for the post!

  • Anita E. Baffoni

    I love these DIY ornaments. I’ve written a post today about how much I love different types of ornaments, especially ones from all milestones in one’s life. These will look so cute on any tree.


  • Our decorations were red and silver, but the colors have expanded since we had kids. Love the ornaments!

  • Pamela Arsena

    I love DIY ornaments. Although I would make a mess I love the glitter ones!

  • Laura Romberger

    These are so fun! These would be great gifts for some of my gal pals!

  • Love these DIY ornaments! Our main tree is colorfully and full of our ornaments from childhood. I have one other tree, it’s tall and skinnier, that is red, brown, and gold.

  • Marie Mack

    These are so cute and simple! I will definitely be making a couple!

  • Amber Hill

    I love love love these ornaments. So easy and fabulous! Talk about winning!

  • Jenni Laplow

    Love the DIY ornament! Our Christmas tree is full of color, so this is great!

  • So colorful, I love it! I have seen these ornaments filled with hot cocoa mix too, which is a great gift idea.

  • Annette Richmond

    This is such a fun and simple DIY. What a great idea and easy way to personalize clear ornaments. Thanks for sharing!