4 Books to Read During Holiday Travel.

I’ve been reading up a storm lately thanks to finally taking the plunge and getting a Kindle Paperwhite. As a die-hard book lover I had been very hesitant to make the switch over to eBooks from my beloved paperbacks but guys, it’s a game changer. Reading has become more convenient than ever and I love being able to always have a book on-hand with my Kindle either stashed in my purse or right on my nightstand. I tend to binge-read once I get really into a book and my Kindle makes it easy to see how much time each chapter will take and even saves my page if I accidentally fall asleep while reading (#guilty!). The thing also has an amazing battery life, allows you to easily purchase a new book within seconds AND even lets you highlight and save favorite lines or passages from books.

What’s been most exciting about switching my reading habits over to using a Kindle is that I’ve been reading a TON since I got it. Reading has replaced scrolling through my phone as my favorite time killer and way to unwind before bed, and I’ve managed to cruise through a book a week since the Kindle arrived in my life. It’s amazing!

4 Books to Read During Holiday Travel & Downtime.

Given that the holiday season is right around the corner (um, how is Christmas NEXT week?!), I figured I’d share a few books I’ve read recently in case you find yourself with some downtime during holiday travel or even while spending the entire day in your pajamas at your parents house (no shame!). Some favorites:

  1. Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald: I just started this my flight to LA last night after having it on my reading list for ages and I’m already hooked. Z is the story of Zelda, wife of famous author F. Scott Fitzgerald (of Great Gatsby fame) – it offers a glimpse into life within the Jazz Age as well as captures the rise and fall of Fitzgerald’s career. I’m already grateful for the highlight function on my Kindle with this one because it’s packed full of memorable lines!
  2. The Art of Fielding: A book about baseball that you don’t have to be a baseball fan to love. The Art of Fielding tells the story of a small town baseball star who finds himself playing for Westish College and destined for the pros thanks to outstanding mentorship. The novel’s narrative will have you hooked as you follow not only Henry’s story, but the rest of the Westish community’s, and the ending couldn’t be more perfect.
  3. All The Light We Cannot See: This book is worth the hype! The novel tells the parallel stories of a French girl and German boy during World War II and is full of some of the most vivid writing I’ve ever read – you can picture exactly what is happening with the characters on every page. Equal parts history lesson and fiction read, you’ll find yourself hooked as you watch character’s stories unfold and their lives begin to intertwine.
  4. A Window Opens: I’m always a sucker for a quick, light read and A Window Opens is just that. It’s funny, yet real with charming characters that represent very real struggles of many as we do our best to balance doing it all.

Have you read any great books lately? Anyone else obsessed with their Kindle? Have any book recommendations for me before I soak in two weeks off of work?!