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While this isn’t necessarily a review of one specific workout, Classpass was just something I had to tell you about since they just launched in Chicago and it’s a pretty brilliant idea and makes it super simple to add variety to your workout routine. For $99 a month, you’re able to grab 10 classes to a huge variety of boutique fitness studios across the city (taking them down from upwards of $25/class to a much more affordable $10!). This makes it possible to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that – ever wanted to try yoga? Classpass is perfect! Or interested in dabbling in Flywheel or reformer Pilates? Done! And even if you find something you love, you can use up to 3 of your 10 workouts there.



I’d definitely recommend Classpass for anyone looking to add another level of variety to their fitness routine and after attending a few of their kickoff events, I’m excited to balance the cardio I get from Flywheel with more strength training. While I haven’t started my membership yet thanks to an injury-induced rest period, my only watch out from poking around in the Classpass system is that the classes you can use with your membership may not be at the ideal time you’d be looking for (which I wasn’t expecting when I heard about Classpass). My guess is that it’s aimed at classes that don’t always fill, so don’t expect to find a coveted 7 AM Flywheel class in there! But with Classpass you won’t be locked into any sort of membership commitment, so it’s absolutely worth checking out and seeing if it works with your life and workout schedules.

Have you heard of Classpass yet? Anyone a member already? Are there any workouts in their participating studios list that you’d recommend?