workout // flywheel.

By now you’ve probably heard me talk about Flywheel at some point. It’s my new thing and has filled the running-shaped void in my life since I’ve decided to take a little break from marathoning and dabble in group fitness classes. In case you’ve been curious about what the whole #NeverCoast phenomena is about, here are some details on my latest fitness addiction:


My first Flywheel experience at NTC Tour LA with Holly Rilinger

The Workout: Flywheel ($25/class)

Data driven, interval-focused spin classes that are held in an indoor “stadium” complete with music that corresponds with the pace of your workout. There are climbs and sprints, all guided by your instructor’s RPM and torq suggestions, and a competitive vibe thanks to Flywheel’s “Torqboard” leaderboard system.


What To Expect: Get ready to peddle through 11 loud songs in a dark room during each 45-minute class (with an arm workout typically held on song 9). Flywheel is a serious cardio workout with its mix of climbs and sprints, but at the end of the day, it’s a lot of fun. A ride with a great playlist will fly by and have you singing along as you’re dripping with sweat. Expect to burn a ton of calories while working your quads, abs, butt and arms; but warning: also expect to be sore from the bike seat after your first ride (it gets better, I promise!). Don’t be intimidated by the techpack or adjusting your bike – they’ll explain everything at the beginning of class and have a crew in the stadium to help get you set up.


What To Wear: Low-impact sports bra, tank top and leggings or crops. Flywheel provides complementary towels, shoes and water (which you should definitely grab before class!). Make sure your hair is out of you face and be prepared to end up totally drenched in sweat.


Final Verdict: I cannot say enough wonderful things about Flywheel. It’s made me actually enjoy working out again and provides the same mental escape and cardio ass kicking that I loved about marathon training, but without the intense time commitment. The 45-minute class length and variety of the class schedule works great for the super busy and at the end of the day, it’s just really fun. The team at Flywheel Chicago is awesome with Michael, Alicia & Erin as my favorite instructors. The data element of Flywheel has been a huge part of keeping myself motivated to work out – it’s great to be able track your progress and set goals for yourself each class to hold yourself accountable.