workout // the barre code.

I realized recently that this is my first summer in Chicago where I’m not marathon training – crazy, right?! Now that I’m on the hunt for workouts other than long runs, I wanted to launch a new blog series to give you the scoop on some of the new workouts I’m trying and would love to hear about your favorites as well. Expect the full rundown on my latest sweat-fests, with info on what to expect, what to wear and what you might feel like afterward.


// The reveal of Barre Bee Fit’s total rebrand – meet The Barre Code!

Last week I was invited to The Barre Code (formerly Barre Bee Fit) for a little celebration of their 4th year of being in business + a preview of their latest and greatest class, TBC.

The Workout: TBC” from The Barre Code ($18/class)

TBC stands for both Total Body Conditioning and The Boot Camp and is the newest workout from the ladies behind The Barre Code. It’s a 50-minute, bootcamp-style workout that starts and ends with high-intensity cardio with the majority of class time spent on strength training exercises aimed to work your entire body.


// TBC led by The Barre Code’s Chief Training Officer, Lina Belkin

What To Expect: Intensity from start to finish! The burst of cardio in the beginning of class will get you sweating right away and get your heart-rate up, where it will stay for the entire 50-minutes. Expect moderate impact (some jumps in the cardio portions) and a total-body workout both with weights like the medicine ball & weighted bar, and using your body weight as well. Arms, abs, butt, legs… all covered in one class! The Barre Code studio definitely had a “girl power” vibe with all workouts specially designed for women & a focus on community and becoming your best self.


// Caught with a little post-class sweat glow

What To Wear: Leggings or cropped tights, a tank top, moderate impact sports bra + socks (a mandatory at all classes at The Barre Code). I’d avoid shorts since you’re jumping around quite a bit and there’d definitely be potential for them to ride up and become annoying. Looking back I wish I would have grabbed a water before heading into class (doh) and brought a towel as well since things got pretty sweaty and my hands were slipping around during medicine ball push ups.


// co-founders of The Barre Code, Ariana Chernin & Jillian Lorenz

Final Verdict: This class was a total shocker of an ass kicking – I really wasn’t expecting such an intense workout out of a barre studio but The Barre Code’s TBC is no joke. I was sore everywhere, like to the point of barely being able to walk. If you’re looking to work every major area of your body in under an hour, you can’t beat TBC. I’m super excited to try more of the classes at The Barre Code as an awesome supplement to my Flywheel addiction. Bonus points to The Barre Code for having studios all across the city (Gold Coast, Loop, River North, Lincoln Park & Lakeview coming soon!) which makes it really easy to squeeze a class in no matter what your schedule is like.