roux maison.

Is it possible to be obsessed with a laundry detergent?  Because I kind of am.  When Roux Maison offered to send me some of their products to try, I was pretty excited.  The brand is eco-friendly, super concentrated and their scents are amazing – I’ve got two words for you, Sweet Tea (the brand is based in Nashville).  Seriously, it smells incredible and not only in the bottle, but leaves your laundry smelling great.

I’ve been putting Roux Maison to the test for about a month now and the products really get the job done.  I love that they have specialized products for different needs – the Sport detergent gets a lot of use around here with my sweaty running clothes and has gotten my gear really clean without being too harsh on it or ruining the stretch of the fabric.  I also have sensitive skin when it comes to detergents (I usually use a Free & Clear detergent version) and I have had no issues with these products.  Bonus points for adorable packaging and apartment-friendly sizes – it’s nice to not have to make room for a huge jug of detergent, just two cap fulls of Roux Maison and you’re good to go.

So, final verdict?  Grab some next time you’re in need of detergent.  It’s worth the investment and best of all, Roux Maison is on sale on Fab at the moment!  

* I was sent products to review c/o Roux Maison but was not compensated for this post.  All opinions and product reviews are honest and my own.