right now.

Manhattan Beach Pier via A. Caruso Photography
I’m seriously missing California.
It’s strange how we can feel like we belong somewhere long before we even visit.  Growing up I was convinced that this is where I would go to college – it just felt like what would be right, and most people agreed.  It was just something that could not be explained.  When I finally got a chance to visit in 2009, all of those feelings were confirmed – this was where I wanted to be.  The weather, the beaches, the feeling, the In-N-Out Burgers… this is it for me.
Although I haven’t made it out there yet, it’s something that is on my mind every single day.  A feeling I can’t shake. I haven’t figured out where, when or how this will happen yet, but something in me just knows that it’s right.

  • I was born in California but we moved when I was 3. I have always wanted to live there and every time we visit I love it more! After I finish school I&#39;m hoping to move out there for a job… we&#39;ll see. Beaches, weather, in-n-out.. DISNEYLAND… doesn&#39;t get better!<br /><br />http://missrachel-marie.blogspot.com/

  • @Rachel – Seriously! Give me perfect weather &amp; a cheeseburger and I&#39;m a happy lady.

  • I&#39;ve never been. Sorry to hear you&#39;re missing it so much. *hugs*

  • There&#39;s just something about California. I would absolutely love to live there, but I (sadly) just don&#39;t ever see it happening. Hopefully it works out for you sooner than you think.