new york, new york.

photo via Christian Montone
I’ll be in New York for a work conference on Thursday & Friday!  Although I live an hour outside of the city, I don’t make it in as often at as I’d like to and an overnight stay is even more rare (so expensive!).  Nothing can compare to the energy of New York – when I was working in the city, it made every second of my long commute in worthwhile.

What are your favorite spots in New York?  I’d love any recommendations for a great place to grab a cocktail or a cup of coffee.

  • Everytime I go to New York, I make sure to stop by Pink Berry or Berry Wild. If you're a fan of frozen yogurt, these places are a must! What kind of conference are you going to?

  • @Allie – I'm going to a conference called Socialize which is all about the monetization of social media.

  • So fun! i haven't been to New York in a while, so i'll live vicariously through your trip! A couple years ago i went to this place called Blockheads – it's a Mexican restaurant with great outdoor seating and $3 margaritas. The food, atmosphere, and drinks can't be beat! i know it's on West 50th near 8th ave.

  • I wish I could go to New York one day!! Have fun :) xo

  • Never been. Definitely need to get my booty there one day! :D

  • I'm a new follower! Cute blog! As far as NY goes, I'm making my first trip this year, so I can't wait to see where you go!