Social Media Detox.

A few weeks ago I forgot my phone at home one morning, first noticing while on line waiting for coffee and experienced a moment of panic when realizing I wouldn’t be able to go through my usual check email and social media routine while I waited for my latte. It was a bit alarming to notice that not having my phone for these idle moments left me not knowing what to do with myself, so I decided to do a mini social media detox.

Since my day to day is so rooted in social media with both blogging and my full-time job, I couldn’t exactly go cold turkey and take a total break from every social platform, but I could make one big change… Deleting the apps from my phone.

Social Media Detox.

Facebook? Gone. Twitter? See ya. Foursquare? (Yes, I may be the only person who still checks in everywhere she goes…) Bye. I’ll admit it freaked me out a bit to hit delete on so many apps at once – it was amazing to see just how much of my screen space had been dedicated to social media and how many apps I had on my phone solely for keeping up to date with social media while on the go. I had one rule: anything that was non-essential to blogging and could be checked while on the computer had to go. So off they went and the experiment began.

For the first few days I found myself instinctually reaching for my phone at multiple points in the day to scroll through my social feeds for no reason at all other than to fill a moment of downtime. Over time I found myself reaching for my phone less and less, without as many interruptions and notifications. Life went on and it’s felt good to break the habit of feeling like I need to know everything that’s happening at every moment. It’s been a refreshing change of pace to get comfortable with downtime once again, soaking in the offline moments and detoxing a bit from my social media addiction.

If you’ve also been finding yourself glued to your phone at all times, I challenge you to do the same. Try it. Hit delete. See what happens. 

Adventures at the Alameda Flea Market.

Adventures at the Alameda Flea Market.Adventures at the Alameda Flea Market.

As much as I love living in a city and not having to own a car, I’ll admit I can feel trapped sometimes. It can be a huge hassle to figure out the logistics of going anywhere that’s further than an Uber can take you, and it’s all too easy to make excuses and ditch your plans because of inconvenience. Ever since I sold my car several years ago I’ve been obsessed with Enterprise CarShare to alleviate the struggles of life without my own set of wheels – if you’re not familiar with Enterprise CarShare, it’s a really easy to use car rental service with vehicles located all around the city (seriously, they’re everywhere! I’ve used the service in both San Francisco & Chicago and never have had to go out of my way to find a nearby car) that you can rent on-demand on an hourly basis. The service is perfect for running quick errands, airport pickups or my latest adventure, ditching the city on a Sunday for a little vintage hunting at Alameda Flea Market.

Adventures at the Alameda Flea Market.Adventures at the Alameda Flea Market.Adventures at the Alameda Flea Market.

I’ve been hearing stories about the gems found at Alameda for years, even long before I made the move out to San Francisco thanks to some of my favorite Bay Area bloggers, and while I usually love to hunt for vintage pieces from the comfort of my couch on CraigsList and eBay, I decided I had to check it out for myself. We picked up a cute little white Kia from a nearby Enterprise CarShare location only a few blocks from our apartment and headed on our way over the Bay Bridge to Alameda to search for a few final details for our space (home tour coming soon!).

Adventures at the Alameda Flea Market.Adventures at the Alameda Flea Market.

It was a super easy ride to Alameda and we had so much fun exploring the flea market – I was in awe of how many vendors there were and all of the amazing pieces that were up for grabs. I’ve never quite seen anything like it; every stand seemed to have something new and it was hard to resist packing our Kia to the brim with treasures.

Adventures at the Alameda Flea Market.Adventures at the Alameda Flea Market.Adventures at the Alameda Flea Market.

After drooling over vintage rugs and stunning indigo-dyed textiles, I ended up scoring a set of vintage glassware for the new bar cart and an adorable little gold mirror for the gallery wall, all for the grand total of… $25. Score! We’re actually shooting home tour photos this week and the trip to Alameda could not have come at a more perfect time to add a few new vintage pieces to our home before the big shoot.

Are you a fan of flea markets? Anyone else obsessed with Enterprise CarShare? If you’re not a member you absolutely have to check it out – it’s a game changer! You can get your membership fee waived with 1 year free + $20 in credits here.

This post was sponsored by Enterprise CarShare and as always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own – authenticity is a top priority and I only partner with brands I truly love. Thank you for supporting the brands that partner with Pretty & Fun!

Currently // Andi of Lucky Andi.

“Currently” is a monthly series featuring what’s on the mind of some of my favorite ladies of the blog world. This month, we’re chatting with Andi Teggart – one of my very first friends in San Francisco, blogger behind Lucky Andi and #bosslady of digital marketing shop, Lucky Collective.

A peek into what’s happening in her world at the moment:Currently // Andi of Lucky Andi.

A big thank you to Andi for stopping by the blog today – if you’re not already a reader, be sure to check out her blog and follow along on Instagram as well.

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